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ARGIS Platform; ESRI; .Net Architecture

ARGIS Augmented Reality – Vital Data for Harrisburg Police

The daily tasks of a Harrisburg police officer vary greatly depending upon the state of the city. The one thing that remains a constant is that these officers all require access to vital data about suspects, criminal history, codes information, tenant information and many other valuable items.

“The Argis PoC provides our officers the ability to see on the viewing device the “what” and “who” of each property instantly.  Currently our officers walk into a residence blind with little to no knowledge of what has happened here before.  With this viewable tactical information on a residence the officer sees a list of recent police events, frequency of calls, and ownership of property before they even enter the home…this is the beginning of where the future will take us”

Captain Gabriel Olivera

Criminal Investigation Division, Harrisburg Bureau of Police

Data when and where officers need it


Late in 2016, Sigma and the Police leadership strategized about a new technology that might allow them to mitigate some of these challenges. Sigma has a strong partnership with ARGIS Solutions and the new ARGIS framework might allow just what the force needed. In addition, Harrisburg University and their world-class GIS students and faculty provided strong counsel and support, making this a true team effort.

October, 2016

A decision was made to undergo a proof-of-concept initiative where Sigma and ARGIS would develop a limited-functionality interface and demo it to the department. This application allowed an officer to hold up their device, look at the real world thru the camera lens, and see superimposed data points that had value to the Police. (i.e. Crime history, Codes violations, Tenant ownership)

After several months of work, Sigma showed the department leadership what we’d accomplished. The results were great. Immediately people began thinking of use cases and new ways to use the technology.

The realization that this could be a viable tool for policing in Harrisburg has led to continued discussions and further innovations by ARGIS. Today, the program is pending budgetary approval for a 2-unit pilot program using the Codes officers and Animal control divisions. Several different devices are also being tested for increased accuracy from the GPS receiver and determining exactly how the application will work in the field.


Microsoft stack including C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ARGIS Solutions framework, Unity, ESRI


By using the ARGIS interface on portable devices, an officer can see real-time surroundings and access the necessary data to do their jobs. Savings in effort and in their ability to respond quickly to a situation make this innovation a key part of the future strategy.

ARGIS – 2016 ESRI ARC Platform Innovation winner!

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