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Engineering Class

Sigma Resources provides expertise in software development, automation, and the application of technology.  We enable organizations to pursue business opportunities, solve complex problems, and bring innovations to market.  Our ability to understand business strategy, apply technology solutions, and provide talented professionals allows is to have ownership and oversight for the entire lifecycle of an initiative.


We help our customers simplify the complex range of technology options, identify which solutions they need, and implement a focused plan of action.  We solve complex business problems, and pursue enterprise level opportunities that require new ways of thinking and a deep expertise in the application of technology.


Companies are investing in custom-developed applications to create platforms and products, transform to digital delivery, and automate and disrupt traditional models.  We provide full-service application development services to assist, enable, and accelerate the software development process with our clients.  Our services include product management, project management, business analysis, design, architecture, continuous testing and deployment, and optimization services.  We have partnered with our clients in all phases of their application development life-cycle, from strategy and prototyping to developing and delivering the product, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the solution.


Insights into customers’ needs, informed product development, and data-driven operational decisions have moved from the arena of reporting and business intelligence to data analytics and visualization. We help clients implement analytics solutions and tools, as well as the ability to visualize the results to help with interpretation and decision making based on data. Through this service line, we offer an integrated approach to areas such as data mining, predictive analytics, data governance, master data management, data warehousing, data quality, and visualization solutions.


Managing and providing governance and oversight to the array of projects and initiatives is critical to ensuring that deadlines, budgets, and project goals are met.  We work with our clients to help formulate strategy, manage and select software vendors, and establish PMO and Governance structure.  We have helped our clients with strategic planning, investments, research, information technology budget, and risk mitigation initiatives.  These projects span traditional ERP implementations, as well as the migration or implementation of SaaS and cloud-based solutions.


Segmenting operations and infrastructure into a focused discipline allows our clients to focus resources on product and innovation activities.  We have helped our clients reduce costs, implement industry best practices, optimize processes, and automate functions.   Our operations and infrastructure services include help desk, network, database, and cyber security functions.  Additionally, we assist our clients with assessment and planning activities, such as assessment, technology roadmap, and modernization deliverables.

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