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About Us

For over 20 years, Sigma Resources has helped companies grow and transform their businesses through the application of advanced technologies to solve longstanding business and operational challenges. 

Our approach has been a focus on the customer's business, and technology fit for purpose.  We work with our clients to understand their challenges and opportunities at a fundamental level, in order to apply emerging technologies to solve problems in new and creative ways.  We differentiate ourselves from sole domain expertise, as well as technology looking for a problem to solve.  We feel that the optimal approach is to empathize, understand, and implement.  We are technology applied.

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Sigma Resources provides expertise in software development, automation, and the application of technology.  We enable organizations to pursue business opportunities, solve complex problems, and bring innovations to the market.  Our ability to understand business strategy, apply technology solutions, and provide talented professionals allows us to have ownership and oversight for the entire lifecycle of an initiative.


We help our customers simplify the complex range of technology options, identify which solutions they need, and implement a focused plan of action.  We solve complex business problems and pursue enterprise-level opportunities that require new ways of thinking and deep expertise in the application of technology.


Analyzing Data

Knowledge Graph Implementation to Calculate Risk

Sigma partnered with dRisk to implement their knowledge graph solution capable of quantifying risk for the purpose of autonomous vehicle safety cases, operating domains, and edge case scenarios.



Sigma is currently a Microsoft Partner for application development and is pursuing our Azure competency.  Our Microsoft Partnership allows us access to people, resources, and offerings to give us what we need to build and deliver successful Microsoft-based solutions for our customers.


Why Sigma

Sigma is technology applied, in partnership with our clients, to enable growth, support innovation, and to bias toward action, we provide the deep technical expertise to implement the solutions that matter.

Our customers, government agencies, complex organizations, and large enterprises, trust us to understand their needs and dedicate a talented team of professionals to implement their solutions.

Empathize. Understand. Implement.

We invest in emerging technologies, often in conjunction with our customers, and always with the approach of solving problems in completely different ways.  We are currently implementing projects leveraging AI/ML, knowledge graphs, and blockchain.

While we implement solutions on behalf of our customers, we also challenge ourselves to identify opportunities to develop products that empower the individual.  Check out our most recent example with our acquisition of Simcoach Games.

We believe in supporting the local ecosystem of businesses and entrepreneurs.  We focus on companies in the Pittsburgh region, and that are differentiated by their technology. 

Check out our approach through Sigma Diversified.

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